UG Hallweeks You Should Definitely Not Miss This Semester

Many people wonder why UG is the best University in Ghana.

It’s pretty simple.

It’s because we don’t only study, but we find a way to balance education with pleasure.


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That is what makes us special.

University of Ghana is the only public University in Ghana that provides accommodation for its students throughout their stay on campus. There are five traditional halls and other hostels on campus.

Every year, each of these halls and hostels is given one week to take a break and have fun.

These hallweeks usually start with a gospel rock show on Sunday and on subsequent days special programs such as fashion shows, and talk shows. It’s like a fair with food stands and other vendors selling all the things you can imagine! The week long celebration is finally crowned with…

an artist night!!!!!

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So of course, another academic year has started and we are sure you are all as eager as we are to know which halls will be celebrating their hallweeks this semester.

We gotchu. As always

Evandy Hostel (18th – 23rd September)

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well because, this hall is almost invisible!

Did you know they were also known as United Nations Hall??

You definitely didn’t.
This hall week is not popular at all. It is normally heard of a month after the celebration.
No one apart from the tenants can actually tell what goes on there. This semester, let’s make Evandy our research work.

Jubilee / International Students Hostel (ISH) ( 24th-30th September)

This hallweek is usually a collaboration between the two halls: Jubilee and ISH. All the obroni juice dey this side! So ladies and gentlemen, if your dream is to mingle with some UpTee people, then this is your time to connect! Go to JubilISH and make some friends!!

Alexander Kwapong Hall (1st October – 7th October)

This is the time to experience life in diaspora ; Legon’s Las vegas. (ignore that. we just want to make the place sound cool)  Kwapong’s hallweeks are usually the least popular out of the four halls in the diaspora but this semester, with what they’re calling The Matrix…we’ll see.

Akuaffo Hall (8th – 14th October)


We don’t know about the rest of you but we usually don’t hear anything from Akuaffo. Where exactly do they have the hallweek? where do they mount the stage? what happens there? We are as clueless as you are. This semester, we will find out.

Mensah Sarbah (15th – 21st October)

AGBO!!! That’s what they’re calling it this year. This hall is the known rival of the vandals, but of course their hallweeks can’t be compared to that of Commonwealth. It’s usually quite good and their artiste nights haven’t been terrible at all.

Jean Nelson Hall (22nd – 28th October)

This hall is extremely good with the hype. This year, they’ve dubbed it ‘Standout Xperience’. Last year they raised our hopes with ‘Standout IV’ and disappointed most of us later. This year we are heading there with our magnifying glasses to scrutinise what they have in store for us. Will they redeem themselves or fall even further?

Elizabeth Sey Hall (29th October – 4th November)

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Shout-out to the neighbours of Jean Nelson. Last year, they were the best out of the halls in the diaspora. Not that it was mind blowing amazing but…comparing them to the poor performances from all the other halls, they were really good.

So there you have it! All the hall weeks we should be looking forward to this semester! Of course, Kuulpeeps will be there to jam with you and also assess. Yes we are officially starting the #HallWeekWars

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Looking forward to seeing you all!

Written By: Patricia Atobi



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