This Is How To Configure Your KNUST Mobile WiFi

Going through stress when connecting to the KNUST Wifi on your mobile? Worry no more, we got you. Follow these steps and enjoy the free wifi.

1. Download Dropbox using your *iPhone browser (Safari)*. Just type this in the URL The download button can be found on the top right corner, choose ‘direct download’.

2. After choosing the download option, a new window opens up with some information. Just tap on the ‘install’ button on the top right corner. Enter Passcode (if requested) then tap on ‘install’ again and then tap on it again.

3. Now enter your username, tap on the ‘next’ option, enter your password and then tap on ‘next’ again. Finally, tap on ‘done’.

4. Go to settings on your phone, turn your wifi on and then choose KNUST WIFI to connect. Type your password if requested. An interface with KNUST radius appears, just choose ‘accept’.

You can now enjoy free WiFi on KNUST  campus. Your’re welcome.


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