This Is How Google Can Help You Build Your Brand

Every students best friend in this digital stage is Google. Thanks to Google, doing assignments and developing research papers is relatively easier than it was 10 years ago when books were the only go-to research area.

However, many do not know that they can actually use google to boost their startups and campus businesses.

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One easy way to promote your business online is by listing your business on Google.

Visit for support. You will be asked a number of questions and after submitting, google will verify the information and then ensure that your business shows up in google search.

You can also create a website for free on Google. The website can help you market your product or service online and engage your customers. Visit to build your own website. You can also buy a domain name and redirect it to your google site.

If you are registering a company or thinking about a name for your company, you need to think digital first. Find out how the name you have will feed into your future digital marketing campaigns. Don’t choose names that will hurt your digital opportunities.

You need to employ the use of Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM). For SEO, you use basic tactics such as keywords and for SEM, you get to pay Google to help you increase the awareness of your product.

Using Google ad words allows you to appear in Google searches when words that are relevant to your business are searched on Google.


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