#SMWiAccra : Ladies! This Is How To Survive In A Male Dominated Industry

Yesterday was powerfully powerful (if there is even such a phrase).

With our evergreen moderator………………………

…………….. Anita Erskine

and our knowledgeable and beautiful panelists…………………………………..


Patricia Obo- Nai (Director Fixed Business and Customer Operations)

Agnes Emefa Essah (Director of Consumer  Business Unit)

Angela Mensah – Poku (Director for Enterprise and Wholesale)

Srabasti Bhattacharjee (Director of Technology)

The Women’s Mentorship Session of Social Media Week, which was held yesterday brought together young women who owned businesses and young women who found themselves in male dominated careers to learn some tips on how to be successful women.

Our panellists shared with us their various educational journeys and how they were able to achieve their current statuses by schooling and working at the same time.

They also shared how they have been able to balance their very busy schedules with their family lives and entreated the ladies to be with partners who understood their line of business and were ready to make compromises when the need arose.

They each shared with us three key points that have contributed to their successes and asked ladies to consider them when making decisions.

Agnes Emefa Essah asked the ladies to surround themselves with people who were better than them so they could learn from them, be patient in trying to get to the top and also never think that they have arrived, but continue to learn, always.

Patricia Obo-Nai said the God factor should never be forgotten, remain calm no matter the circumstances and never be afraid to ask questions no matter how stupid they may sound.

Our moderator ended the night on a very powerful note with a simple message: You have only one life, so live it.

Social Media Week Accra is the first of its kind in Ghana and is brought to us kind courtesy Echo House Ghana Ltd and sponsored by Vodafone Ghana.



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