Here’s Where The UEW WiFi Is Strongest and How To Get Connected

The UEW Enterprise is one way of saving data costs and getting faster downloads.

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If you are acting bougie and not using the school’s WiFi, it’ll interest you to know that you actually paid for it so you might want to take advantage of this service.

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Now let’s go to teaching you the whole science behind locating the WiFi’s strongest points.

North Campus Social Sciences Faculty

The Pecku Administration Building

Radio Windy Bay at the South Campus

Infront of Amu Theater, Central Campus

Kwegyir Aggrey Hall Block B

Graphic Design Department

Ghartey Hall Block A

GUSS Hostels

ATMs around North Campus Entrance

The IT Department, South Campus

Beside Osagyefo Library

Top Floor of Pretoria Court, SSNIT Hostel

Now here’s how to get connected:

Turn on your WiFi and search for networks

You should spot the UEW Enterprise network

Click on it and wait for the WiFi portal to open

In the ‘username’ field, enter your index number and your Applicant ID as your password. Your Applicant ID is the number you used to pay your fees as a fresher when you had no Index Number. It should be on your admission letter.

Submit these details and get redirected to

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You should see the WiFi connection at this point…go ahead and enjoy!



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