Here Are The Different Uber Drivers We Have Come To Know

One of the greatest things that hit us as Ghanaian youth is Uber.

We got all excited about the app and then we found out that not only could we get a cozy comfortable ride at a relatively cheaper price, but we get to rate the drive and the driver. Now if that’s not taking charge then I don’t know what  is.

Now we all  must have encountered a couple of ,well strange Uber drivers and some were just not understandable.

The Mute Driver

Image result for KEEP mute gif

As if getting into a stranger’s car is not awkward enough. This Uber driver makes it a gracious point for you to literally hear yourself breath. He laughs and speaks of nothing. Not even your destination .. No emotions whatsoever

The Driver Who Pretends To Care, Just For The Ratings

Image result for pretends to care gif

This man will ask you if the temperature is wonderful, if you had a nice day and will even  go to the extent of asking if  you want gum..You can just tell that he does it for the ratings.

The Very Talkative Ones

Image result for TALKATIVE gif

You know these ones are talkative when you immediately sit in the car and they start to talk about everything and I mean every little thing.

The Ones Who Hit On You

Image result for nice looking gif

These drivers are unbelievable. They will hit on everything that moves. They suddenly become the leading role in a cliche romantic movie

The Ones Who Spoil Your Entire Day

Image result for bad mood gif

The advocate of the devil will probably agree with ME on this. These ones, you just can’t understand if it’s the map they don’t understand, the road they can’t see or they just find pleasure in getting you lost or wasting your time. It’s just incomprehensible.

And oh did I forget to mention……………………


The Fine Ones

Image result for HOT GUY gif

The ever charming one that you are low key walking down the aisle with in your fantasy, but then you know it’s a sit and bye bye ting innit. Although there’s a silent prayer he will ask if he can save your number and text you later. snap out of it  girl.

If you have met others we haven’t captured, kindly let us know!

Until then, enjoy your next Uber ride and observe your driver critically. You might have a fun story to share.

written by : Nana Yaa (University of Ghana)


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