#SMWiAccra: Here Are 10 Key Points To Building A Digital Career In Ghana

The Social Media Week Accra is already underway and this morning’s session was fire!

You’re missing a lot if you’re not at the Accra Mall.

This morning’s session was presented by Mr Princewill Osaro Omogiuwa and he spoke about ‘Building a Digital Career In Ghana.’

We noted some points down and we would like to share with you.

He stated that Digital Marketing gives young people a lot of opportunity and it should be a crime to graduate people who don’t have digital skills in today’s world.

To build a better Digital Marketing Career, you should note the following.


Begin your career with the end in mind.

You cannot do Proper Digital marketing by reading a book.  You need to practice it.


You have to deploy a working strategy, you’ll need it.

If you want to kick off a Startup, you must be ready to give it at least 2 years to flourish.


As students, we can Freelance from campus with these  platforms.  This can help you earn some money while in school.


Keep yourself updated on what goes on online (check out who is blogging what)


Be with people who will feed your convictions, if not they are starving it


You must write,  if your content is not online then you don’t exist


It is better to invest the budget of your product in online advertisements.

In Digital Marketing, you start with what you have where you are. You don’t need so much money and too much time.


The key is not resources it’s resourcefulness


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