8 Types Of Freshers You’ll Definitely Notice On Campus

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Freshers  are all over the place, and soon we won’t be able to tell the difference between a fresher and a continuing student.  For now though, these are the ones we have definitely noticed in our rooms, or somewhere else on campus and if you’re a fresher, you’ve definitely bumped into more than two of these:

The Level 800s

These ones are the too known ones. They barely acknowledge their roommates and on the very first day they came, you probably kept getting knocks on your door from people looking for him or her. These ones are usually people who finished senior high school a couple of years before; meaning, their mates may be in level 200,300 or even 400. They never stay in their room for more than 15 minutes, because they’re either out late, chatting or their friends are in the room reliving memories and disturbing you.

Senior High School Students

These ones may be here in the University but their heads are still in Senior High School. They usually call their roommates Sister or Senior. They will wake up early and sweep and even offer to help you do something. You might just wake up to see them sweeping under the bed.

These are the ones who “spoil’’ early after they settle, if you know what we mean.


Unlike the name suggests, they don’t really know anything. They will act like they have all the answers to every question their fellow freshman will ask but…

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Often, their knowledge base comes from some misinformation from a roommate or stories they heard from a friend’s older sibling.

Geeky freshers

These ones erh! They come to school with notebooks, pens, math sets and textbooks from Senior High School. Yeah we are talking the Aki Ola math and science books.  These ones are often applied sciences students and double as chrif people who are already in touch with their various church groups.

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Confused ones

These ones have been in school for a while but are still confused. Funny thing is, they are the ones who probably went for orientation too!! They’re either still walking about in circles asking where someplace is or they are asking something about course registration which they should have done a long time ago!!

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The anti-so ones are the ones who had it hammered into their heads that the University is filled of cult guys and “ashawo” girls. They do not want to be influenced so, they avoid everyone else like the plague. They wake up, speak some few words, go to their classes alone, talk to no one and return to their rooms alone. These are usually also the Aki Ola bringers.

Family Baby

Family babies are always on the phone 24/7 with their parents. This is the first time their baby is away alone and they can’t bear it. Their whole family came with them to school, helped them unpack, and for them, Saturdays are also visiting days because they are brought food from home.

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As for these ones let’s give them two months and soon they’d be lying to their parents, trying to avoid them.

Over Eager Beavers

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These are the worst. They are the ones who take lecture notes and books from their older siblings who have already finished school and are eager to impress the lecturers. They are the ones who will make their fellow freshman’s brains explode in confusion, because they keep asking questions in class that ars way beyond what the lecturer is even talking about. These ones, we give them 2 weeks. Soon, the lecturer will ask “any questions?” and they will be mute!

… So dear fresher, which one of these are you? Or continuing student, be truthful; which one of them were you?




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