The Nurses And Midwifery Exam Is Changing, This Is How

Technology is coming to an exam centre near you.

There might be a day when end of semester exams will be conducted on the internet.

But, starting in Ghana is the Licensing examination of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana.

According to the council, starting from July next year, the exams will be conducted online.

This is to reduce the amount of human element involved in conducting the exams.

The Dutch government has provided a grant to the Council to revamp its examination processes and procedures, reports.

According to the council, the ICT deployment will accelerate performance and efficiency.

“We want to rest on ICT infrastructure to accelerate our performance. We want to see a situation where nurses and midwives can sit in their offices, homes, and various hospitals to log on unto our website and renew their license” the Council is quoted to have said in a statement.

However, the Ministry of Health is of the view that “all new nursing and midwifery schools seeking for accreditation must meet all standards and criteria before given accreditation to run. Similarly, all existing schools that are lagging behind in terms of meeting the standards are made to satisfy the Council’s rules”.

Kuulpeeps, now that taking the exam will be easy, make sure the school you are attending has the proper accreditation.

You know, there are a lot of fakes in the system.



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