It’s Here!! Social Media Week Accra

Hey you, if you’re reading this and you still haven’t heard about Social Media Week Accra, then we would like to say welcome from the cave.

We hope you wouldn’t go back, at least not this week.

That’s because Accra is now connected!!!

Yep, the Social Media Week.

EchoHouse, in partnership with Pulse Creatives, Global Media Alliance, Silverbird Cinemas, Beta Malt, Coca Cola, Accra Mall is bringing you this Vodafone powered event from today till Friday.

We really can’t list all the events that will be happening this week.

But you can check them out here.

If you know how important social media has become these days, then you’d be here.

From connecting with your friends, to getting a better education and a good job, social media is now that common denominator.

If you can’t be here, then #SMWiAccra should be your number one hashtag for the week.


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