7 Ridiculous Reasons Why Students Get Into Relationships

Our parents brought us to school with the mindset that school is solely for us to study, write exams and graduate with a good GPA!! It’s great but…extracurricular activities.

Almost every young person is either in a relationship or crying to be in one. It’s so bad that there’s a thing called September rush, where continuing students try to grab the prettiest level 100 girls once they arrive in school.

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While some students genuinely find love, others fake their way into relationships for ridiculous reasons. Now for most ladies, they will break their necks to be in a relationship because;

Little or no assignment stress

This is enjoyed well in the case where they’re in the same class with their boo. They just leave everything to them. Some even target the “brilla” guys and usually, even if he’s not intelligent or in their class, they know he’s got the links to people who’d help with their assignments.

Smart girls hoping to make their parents proud and satisfy themselves too.

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Free food!!

If you haven’t heard of legon girls and their love for food, then now you know.

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And we are not talking kenkey and waakye oo!! These girls want what they consider as ‘dbee’ food; pizza, shawarma and KFC. So as their boyfriend, you must have every fast food joint on speed dial or prepare to be the delivery guy yourself.

“Chilling with bae” selfies

In an era where everything is all about “goals”, most girls can’t wait to post selfies of themselves with their boyfriends doing cute stuff for the gram!!! charley! The need to show off to friends is real!!

But how that is beneficial…

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we may never know.


Free transport service 

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Those who are too stingy to pay for shuttles and too lazy to walk target the guys who own cars on campus. The front seat becomes their property, meaning they get a lot of free rides and let’s not forget the “resh” that comes with having a boyfriend who drives on campus.

Everyone is dating

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Yeah some girls also get into relationships because all their friends are dating. The pressure is real and they’re tired of being left in the room alone while their friends go out, besides being a third wheeler is unbearable!!!!!!!

However for our guys, these are the only two reasons they want to get into a relationship;

Free jollof and indomie

Image result for black guy loving food

Don’t deny it. Most of you guys are in relationships in school for the food! These are the guys who strategically move to certain girls because of their mad cooking skills. And when they succeed, score free jollof rice and indomie for them and their friends for as long as their relationship on campus lasts.

Pressing allowance and sex!

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You guuyyss! You know this cannot be left out. For the love of “pressing pressing “and sex, many guys commit to relationships. Alright yeah, maybe the girls enjoy it too but the guys live for it!

Spoiler alert; these relationships never last long.

So kuulpeeps, Stay woke! Think twice before saying yes to that guy or even asking that girl out.



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