This Is The Reason She Wants To Build An Online Platform To Sell Art

I am Edna Aninga, a 26-year-old Journalist, Artist and Entrepreneur.

Growing up in the 90s, I had watched my father use arts to save my village. Yes, not all heroes wear capes but he was our hero.

Through arts, my father educated our community on pressing issues like hygiene, good health, the six killer diseases, birth control and so on.

There was a time of guinea worm invasion and my father’s books and illustrations educated the people on how to treat their water.

Then came diarrhoea and malaria, which claimed  many lives.  His timely intervention of illustrating through arts, the use of malaria nets and depicting the essence of cleanliness through images of people sweeping, covering their meals and washing of hands after visiting the loo helped my community, which was made up of mostly less educated people to overcome these diseases.

My family survived on his artworks too. Most of his income came from arts, which he used in feeding the needy and educating the less privileged. My father’s love for arts and his generosity inspired my love for arts. Although I did not study it in school, my beginner arts work is breathtaking.

Today, art forms a major part of the imported goods and products into Ghana. Meanwhile, men and women from the Northern Region, are rich in art work that ranges from pottery, basket weaving, leather products, the unique Batakari cloth among others with very little market value.

Now, I intend to boost the Arts Industry of Ghana, by creating an online platform where their items will be sold at home and abroad. This is to help increase their income, improve their livelihood and standard of living.

I wish to give them value for their great work, which they earn very little for.

Through arts, I want to curb societal problems such as teenage pregnancy, unsafe abortions, unemployment and child labour, which are predominant in northern Ghana.

This Kuulpeep, Edna Aninga is in a World Remit competition that could see her win GHS 20,000 to achieve her goal. (This post earlier appeared on Edna’s Facebook profile)



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