Rihanna’s New Fenty Beauty Line Is Now Available Amazing Right?

Are you a Make-up fanatic and part of the RIHANNA #NAVY GANG?!!, well good news!! Fenty Beauty line has launched!!! A couple of weeks ago, Rihanna released a sneak peek of the new beauty line and we must admit we instantly went gaga over it!!

As if the news of the new Fenty beauty line wasn’t amazing in itself, the models she chose as the faces of Fenty beauty line are pure FIRE! Lord!! pleaseeee let us introduce you to the Fenty family!!!

We know! we know! we were jealous too, they all look amazing, from the melanin Goddesses to the vanilla Queens, our bae Rihanna didn’t come to play with us.

This line of beauty products are being sold at all sephora stores (we know there is no sephora in Ghana) but don’t worry where there is a Make-up god, there is a way!!

The collection consists of contour, concealer, highlight and some amazing shades of lipstick and ooouuuuu let’s not forget, some cute brushes!!!

We are soooooo here for this collection, not only because we are part of the #NAVY family but because this collection is for women of color, so finding the right concealer and foundation should not be a problem and it’s also affordable!!

You want that popping highlight!! that glow up!! when people see you they just stop and say GLOW BABY GLOW!!? well Mamma Fenty got you covered on that!

During the launch, Rihanna was seen giving a live hands on tutorial on how to use the Fenty beauty glow highlight. We don’t know about you but we loveeeeee a good highlight so we are definitely investing in that Glow up!!!.

Ladies walk in your favourite cosmetics store like…….. ayeeee you got that new Fenty beauty line?!!

Go and be great with Fenty beauty line beat, Ladies!! Glow baby Glow!!!


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