“Agyemang” Is Causing A Stir In The US, This Is Why

Yo, Kuulpeeps, we need to tell y’all this.

We are indifferent – should we be proud or we should feel like we’ve been taken advantage off?

Y’all know Reggie Bush or Reginald Alfred Bush Jr.?

He is a black American who plays in the NFL (American Football).

Though he is a free agent – just as his compatriot Colin Kaepernick, unlike Colin, Bush does not have the support of Black America.

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Well, he has been in the news recently, after he named his third child, Agyemang Bush.

Yes, Agyemang Bush, a very Ghanaian name that is.

After doing this, you’d think Black Americans would love him for giving his son an African name.

Actually, the reverse has happened.

Reggie, is being accused by his fellow black Americans that he is appropriating Ghanaian and African culture by giving his son the name “Agyemang”

We think if Beyonce’s twins had African names, they’d be cool, huh?

However, Black America seems to hate Reggie because they have accused him of showing dislike for his fellow black people.

Long story short, he is regarded as one of those black people who hate the fact that they are black.

It’s said that he has never dated a black woman and he has even made attempts in the past to ignore the fact that he is black.

Just so you know, Reggie once dated Kim Kardashian and his current wife, Lilit Avagyan Bush, with whom he now has three children, is also white.

In short, Reggie is not your typical black celebrity who seems to embody the true spirit of an African and for that matter, black America sees him as a sellout.

That’s why the internet has gone ballistic since news broke that he has given a Ghanaian name to his son who was born on September 6.

What’s worse is that, his parents are not even Ghanaians. The believe is that Reggie might have done one those genealogy DNA tests and traced his roots to Ghana – this is theory of course.

In his defense though, Reggie has championed a number of humanitarian courses aimed at helping black people.

He raised funds in 2010, for organizations that benefit Haiti and some diamond-producing countries in Africa.

Reggie worked on behalf of the Diamond Empowerment Fund by visiting Botswana and South Africa and raising money for education in those countries.

He is also a founding member of the Fund’s Athletes for Africa programme and his humanitarian work has earned him a nomination for VH1 “Do Something Awards”.

…and no, he doesn’t support Donald Trump. Reggie loves the Obamas.

Miss them already ✌

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Guys, Reggie can’t be all that bad… is he?


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