This Is Why Samira Bawumia Thinks Social Media Is That Important

Do you remember the when you first had a mobile phone?

These days, a mobile phone is not just for inbound and outbound phone calls and SMS.

Wait, people still send SMS?

Thanks to what we call Smart Phone, the mobile phone has moved from its initial basic functions to literally putting the world in our hands, pockets and bags.

With just a couple of taps, you could be anywhere in the world you so choose.

And Samira Bawaumia, the wife of the Vice President, Dr Mahamudu Mawumia agrees.

She had her first mobile phone when she was in the university in the 90s, so you know it was either black and white or one of those fresh color screen phones.

Either way, as someone who lives in a political bull’s eye, she, more than anybody knows how powerful social media can be.

She was speaking with SMWiAccra.

SMWiAccra: What’s your favourite activity?

Samira: I’m generally an indoor kind of person. I don’t go out too much but when I do, I like to go to the beach. Well, I like to go out to eat but I also like to spend some time on a quiet beach with my family, my kids especially.

SMWiAccra: Favourite hangout

Samira: There are so many, but like I said, I’m very private. I like quiet places. I’m not a club person. I don’t go out to busy areas. Most of the time when I go out, it is on invitation for an activity. I’m an indoor person generally.

SMWiAccra: Describe Accra in one word

Samira: One word is exciting. Accra is exciting. It’s a melting pot. There is the very traditional Accra, there is the modern Accra, there is the in between Accra. We are all trying to find our way in Accra. So Accra is exciting for many reasons.

SMWiAccra: Recommend a place to hangout

Samira: I will tell you to go to the beach. Yes, the beach. That’s the one thing we have going for us here in Accra. The beach is really our selling point.

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SMWiAccra: Favourite social media app

Samira: I like them all for different reasons. Is WhatsApp social media? Because I think WhatsApp is very interactive, you can have a lot of people you know, going back and forth. You get your video, the picture and the calls. I think WhatsApp is an all in one kind of thing. So it’s exciting. I use that a lot as well.

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SMWiAccra: Biggest/most memorable moment on social media

Samira: There are so many. Especially in the lead up to the elections there were really some interesting moments on social media and it also demonstrated the power of social media, the power of communicating through social media.

As young people, we are lucky to have social media in our time. I say that with a lot of caution, because I got my first mobile phone in the university. That was when they first came out and this in the late 90s. So we’ve come such a long way and today my young kids who are in their early teens are teaching me things, so when I say we, I’m saying it very cautiously because I’m feeling old already. Social media is a powerful tool and we can use it for good in our society.

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