Stop The Fake News Now, GIS Is Not Recruiting After All

Kuulpeeps, we know certain people who meant well unknowingly shared with you that the Ghana Immigration Service is recruiting.

Or you might have even shared it yourself.

Yep, that message was all over WhatsApp.

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Well, in as much as you and those who shared it might have had good intentions behind it, the message wasn’t true.

It just ain’t true.


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The Head Of Public Affairs at the GIS, DSI Michael Amoako-Attah has signed a statement that makes all the immigration service recruit notice either fake news or one big scam.

Either way, the GIS wants you to know that “it has not embarked on any recruitment exercise neither has it engaged the services of any persons to conduct any recruitment exercise on its behalf as being purported in sections of the media.”

“The general public is therefore advised to ignore any such advertisement in the media and are further cautioned not to fall prey to such scums.”

He said “the general public is hereby informed that any recruitment exercise to be conducted by the Service will be duly advertised in the national dailies and also on the official website of the Service.”

And when that happens, we will notify you.

Until then, share this story and let’s undo this mess.

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