Watch Out For The Next Big Thing In The Music Industry: Blacklef

After two years of planning and attempting and failing, two students from Legon have finally birthed their baby project –  Blacklef.

Blacklef is an entertainment media brand and music magazine dedicated to upcoming talents in Ghana’s music industry.

The Blackclef team aims at giving unsung artistes in Ghana the platform to put out their music for every music lover in the country.

The creators; Eustace Crentsil, a level 400 Earth Science student and Aubrey Macarious Clottey, a level 200 business administration student, explained that it was for the love of music that they created this platform to help people making good music to be heard.

They are basically going to be the paparazzi for the underground artistes. Their plan includes interviewing these artistes, informing people of what the artistes are up to on the daily and practically help their fan base grow gradually through the website.

Asked about the name Blacklef, They explained that it was merely the merging of two words; Black which means African and Clef which is a musical symbol.

For now, they are focused on upcoming Ghanaian musicians only but they hope to soon spread out and become a household name, worldwide.

… So if you’re seeing this and you want to be heard, you can hit them up on their social media pages or email them; [email protected] . Check out their YouTube (Blacklef) for interviews and lyric videos to”underground” songs you thought only you loved.



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