The New UEW SRC Transportation System and All You Need To Know

Most people outside of University campuses must think that we use our money for trifle things such as clothes and parties or something like that.

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Maybe that is the case; in some schools. But if you attend a University that has 3 campuses with lectures spread out across all of the three,  even a trosky is like an Uber for you. Together with purchasing course material and photocopying stuff, a large chunk of your finances as a student actually goes into paying for transport to and fro.

Last Semester, the SRC tried to help by introducing the bus system but then, a cedi per ride meant that the problem they were trying to solve, did not really go away. Students were still paying high prices for transport. This semester, they are doing us one better: fixed bus prices for the whole semester, fixed bus stops, it cannot get any better. Well maybe it can, if they introduce free rides lol.  Below are the bus stops and everything else you need to know.




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