Meet The Famous Addison In KNUST

Just in case you didn’t know, Mr Eazi attended KNUST and aside the science and technology the university has to offer, there is a great love for music with the likes of upcoming acts like 1rjz and Kay T. Currently, another musician who’s still a student is on the wave. He goes by the name Addison and the buzz around him is massive. So let’s have a chat with Addison.

Kuulpeeps: What’s your full name and why don’t you have a fancy stage name?

Addison: My full name is Nana Kyei Joojo Essien Addison. A stage name is just not my thing.  I feel like I relate to Addison because it’s my name and the ladies know me as Addison and I like to keep that as the brand

Kuulpeeps: When did you start music and why?

Addison: I have been doing music since I was a kid. I used to sing in church, Sunday school. My fav song to sing back then was *starts singing Josh Groban – you raised me up* and in primary school I listened to more music and more people and I could sing it with ease. People always came to me to write lyrics for them to various songs so one time my friend Bernard who was good with the drums asked me to write something to a beat he was playing on the table so I wrote a couple of lines and that was my first experience with writing and it just developed

Kuulpeeps: What genre are you focused on?

Addison: Afro wave. Everything Afro, afro beats, afro fusion,  but I was focused on hip hop before, actually quite a lot. I am very versatile but afro wave is where my heart is right now

Kuulpeeps: How do you combine music and your studies?

Addison: This is a very difficult question, my parent’s do not support my music. And it comes with those “if you don’t stop music I’ll stop paying your fees” threats *amidst laughter.* I try to hide it away from my mum by getting very very high grades so she doesn’t question my focus, but as you grow responsibilities and challenges come into play and education is like a safety net so I try as much as possible to be focused on my books too and any free time I get I write lyrics or I release freestyle videos on social media.I love music, it is a part of me that can never be lost

Kuulpeeps: Very very high grades with music, you must be very smart

Addison: *Laughter*

Kuulpeeps: What has been your most memorable moment in this music phase?

Addison: In April of 2017, there was a lot of buzz around me and I dropped a song on my birthday. I met a lot of people in the industry. I met Darko vibes, Spacely, Nxrth, Kwesi Arthur, La Meme gang and they are all like my brothers. I learnt a lot from them and they shared my success when I dropped my song body party, after tangerine because they really really loved tangerine so when I dropped body party it was like another dimension of greatness that they appreciated and shared with me.

Kuulpeeps: What would you say is your fan’s favourite song?

Addison: Tangerine so far. It’s got the most plays on my sound cloud; that’s almost 5K plays. Also, any day, I get tweets and texts of people saying”I really love your tangerine song.”

Kuulpeeps: From the girls huh?

Addison:  Yes yes especially from the girls, even on snapchat it’s just a buzz. My friend told me their mum loves the song, the African vibe and that’s just special to get people appreciate you doing something you love

Kuulpeeps: Your answer to this question might break a lot of your female fans hearts but we need to know, are you single?

Addison: Yeah I am single. I have got my music to focus on, to work on it more to create the greatest dimension of waves for people to enjoy and that takes time, patience and attention. I can’t bring a girl into my life with all that.

Kuulpeeps: So ladies you heard him, he’s single but not ready to mingle. Lol. Thanks for your time and we wish you all the best in your endeavours.


Written by: Kelvin Wordi


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