Why You’ll Need A Support System In Ashesi

Being in college can be somewhat challenging because you are on your own now. You have to make major decisions such as, choosing the right major, choosing the right hostel that suits your preferences, the right lecturer to go for to get that A, and many other decisions which might not fully require the advice of your parents.

During your Ashesi orientation week as a fresher, you will be advised to have a support system. This could be lecturers, Aunty Dee, TK, or even people from your year group or other continuing students whom you feel comfortable talking to.

As an Ashesi student, there will definitely be tough times and stressful days. A great support system should be there for you during your emotional stress and breakdowns.  For those who don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend or best friend on campus, your support system should be where you can get a shoulder to lean on. Having a support system could be one of the most therapeutic and relaxing things ever.

A great support system does not only have to with dressing alike and always spending time together every now and then. It has to do with feeling at home. Your support system should have smart people and people who are goal achievers. They should be people who will keep you on your toes. Your support system could be just one or two people. That person could wake you up at 6am for your 8am class, help you be on track in case you missed a class or two, help you understand some concepts you did not understand during lectures, and if possible assist in your assignments.

Selfie moments are just so lit…

Your support system could be people you could create some of the most amazing memories with. People who will love to do fun and adventurous activities with you. A great support system should be made of people whom you can run to release stress because it’s all about laughs and fun moments.

Change Your Dp is not an exception cause they got you, and you guys will just be squad goals.



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