These Are 8 Cool Places In The World You Are NOT Allowed To Visit

There are place we all love to go right?

Sometimes we need protocol to go to certain places but we can assure you that your protocols sef have a limit .

As much as we love to go anywhere we want, there are certain places in the world we can’t just have access to.

Here are 8 places in the world we are not allowed to visit no matter who we are.


The Vatican Secret Archives, Italy 

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The Vatican secret archives is located in Italy in an underground area. It is known to house historic documents and secrets of the past Popes. Most Catholics will be very privileged to visit this place, but unfortunately for them and anyone else, it is not open to the public.


Google Data Archive 

I seriously think we should rather be happy no one else will have the opportunity to visit this particular place, otherwise most of the things we ever did that has a connection to the Internet would be revealed.


Ise Grand Shrine, Japan

This is considered the most important shrine in Japan. It is dedicated to the worship of the sun goddess, Amaterasu. It is not open to the public but rather only the priests and priestesses of the shrine.


Coca Cola Safe Vault, USA.

This vault is located in Georgia, USA. It is full of safe boxes; one of these boxes contains the secret recipe of Coca Cola. Imagine how rich you would be if you had Coca Cola’s recipe.


Snake Island, Brazil

Just as the name goes, the Snake Island in Brazil is inhibited by the world’s deadliest snake; The Golden Lancehead Viper. It is said that the venom of the snake can literally melt human flesh. Access to the Island has been blocked due to increase deaths caused by the snake.


The Svalbard Seed Vault

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Another really cool place that you cannot gain access to. It was constructed to store the seeds that could be utilized in the event of a catastrophic environmental disaster. Only a couple of people are allowed access to the vault. In fact, not even countries that have lent seeds are allowed access to the site. The vault is located on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen.


Andaman Islands, India

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A friendly smile goes a long way when travelling, but the people of North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean want nothing to do with outside society. In fact, if you were to set foot on the island, the Sentinelese would try to kill you. Almost nothing is known about this indigenous tribe which has inhabited the island for more than 60,000 years. The Sentinelese are completely cut-off from modern civilization by their own choice and even the Indian government has given up on them.


Mummy and Daddy’s Room.

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Of course you’re allowed to go into your parent’s room but not at midnight when they are… you could be disowned because of that!


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