Ebony Really Outpaced Herself In This New Video

A lot of people say Ebony needs a good public relations team to help her build a more showbiz-suitable image.

Ok ooh, she has heard all of you, but the “Sponsor” hit maker seems to be quite happy with her brand identity, at least at this point of her career that is.

A lot of the people who are hoping for Ebony to show a little bit more of “decency” loved the Ebony they saw at the recent Glitz Style Awards, where she looked “Cleaned up”, with her hair carefully tucked into her hat.

She also wore a rather unrevealing gown even by anybody’s standards.

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So, it seemed she was taking all the criticisms in good strides and “changing” her style.

Hell no! That ain’t going to happen, at least not for anytime soon if this her new video is anything to go by.

The “Poison” hit maker recently posted some photos on her Instagram Story that showed her taking a couple of bikini shots.

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We know now that those shots were for her latest single “Date Ur Fada” produced by Danny Beatz.

Little did we know that in between takes, Ebony was being Ebony and doing a couple of twerks.

Yep, them twerks.

We know our words are boring you already, so here is the video.

Ok bye…


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