You Don’t Have To Go To The Gym To Do These 10 Easy Exercises

It’s no news that one of the latest trends on campus is working out or exercising.

Yes, every guy wants to look ripped with their 8 packs

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And the ladies are also working really hard for that hourglass shape.

Those who can relate know very well the stress of going to the school gym, which is almost always filled up to capacity with students throughout the day.

We know some of you are also agonizing over the fact that you have to pay to use the gym and are using it as an excuse to gain weight you know you really should be shedding.

So here are 10 simple exercises you can do in your rooms to achieve your body goals:

Skipping or jump rope

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All you need is a skipping rope and your trainers and you’re good to go. Skipping is an effective cardio exercise and can serve as a warm up exercise. And how much does a rope cost anyway?

Jumping jacks

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These are always fun and bring out memories of being a kid. I mean who hasn’t done jumping jacks for fun as a kid. Well surprise- they are also amazing cardio exercises and good for warming up too.


Push ups

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These may not be your favorite exercise to do but you don’t have to pretend to be Rocky and do it with one hand. You can modify it into a way that best suits you: either by doing it on your knees instead of doing it with your legs straight or by standing and doing it against a wall. This is a great exercise for building arm strength and building up muscles in the chest


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Those hustling for flat tummies; this is the exercise for you. It helps strengthen your abdominal muscles. They may be a little difficult at first but as time goes on, you’ll be able to raise your head all the way up like a pro.

Jogging In Place

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Relax. You don’t have to step out to do this. jogging is a great cardio exercise. You can jog in one place in your room while watching a movie or listening to music. All you need is a pair of good trainers to avoid any stress to your legs.


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All hail the almighty squats. Girls who are all for big booties, this is the exercise for you. Guys can also do this as it also helps to tone the legs.

Lightweight lifting

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You don’t need to go out and buy expensive weights for this. Just improvise with whatever you can find in your room. You can start out with something lighter such as a box of juice and work your way into something heavier like a bag of rice or detergent.



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Dancing is a wonderful cardio exercise which is good for the heart. Not only that, it can help to lift your spirit, giving you an overall boost to make your long day of lectures easier to bear.

Step exercises

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Just use the steps in your halls, you can do reps that will help to tone your leg muscles.

Leg lifts

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These are great for building strength and muscles in the legs. If you’re having difficulties in doing it with your legs straight, try bending them slightly.

So now you see??  These exercises require less equipment (just a skipping rope and trainers) but they can provide the same results that using the gym will give you.

So here’s to achieving that ripped and sexier you

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