This Is The New Fashion Trend We Cant Stop Talking About

The fashion world keeps coming up with trends we can hardly keep up with and we must admit, some are pretty cool.

Make-up already has those of us who are late to the make-up party drowning with all the products and things we need to do; what with the contouring and ombre lips and more

We have hardly mastered what is called the most important and vital part of making up; drawing the eyebrows and already, you guys are smothering us with something new.

Image result for black girl putting on make up c+ry+ing funn+y gif

Now don’t get us wrong. If this were something cool, we would be the first to start rocking it. But this new one..

Image result for hell naw gif

Think we are exaggerating??

Take a look at this:

weird huh??

Wait you still think this isn’t real??!


They called it a trend people!!

Related image



We all thought it was really a joke but… its real and some people liked it enough to draw it on!!

And it doesn’t stop there.

There’s something else.

You get to do squiggly lips to match the brows too!

Image result for unhappy yay gif

Twitter could not handle the absurdity of this fashion trend;

Some shared their frustration;

And with everyone being confused and disgusted, this last tweet really does explain it all;


Surely! The Devil is behind these brows.


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