Here Are 5 Ways To Get A Closure After A Breakup

That fuck boy walked into your life and dumped you right after you know what…

… or you bought all sorts of human hair for that girl but still you no chop and that broke ass boy is eating.

Don’t worry, we got you!

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We’re not here to remind you of all that pain and sadness, but here are ways to get a closure after a break up;


So the first step is forgiveness and acceptance.

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You must be willing to forgive your partner even if he/she went wrong and also accept fault if you were the cause of the break. This is very important because it takes out hatred within you and clears your mind a bit.

No matter what you do, you’re going to reflect on certain things that happened when you were dating. You need to take time off to reflect on such things. And hey, cry if you can’t resist the tears and just bear within you that the tears won’t last.


Secondly, you have to endure the pain and avoid seeking immediate comfort from others.

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After a break up, people are vulnerable to anyone who comes their way and try to comfort them. Well, if people do comfort you, that’s fine. But, you shouldn’t be the one telling others about what happened and getting attention and comfort from them. This shows you are very weak inside. All you have do is just relax and you could probably tell your best friend or just allow some time to pass, then share with anyone close to you.


Don’t rush into another relationship.

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It is advisable to wait for a period of time before jumping into another relationship. It it could be between 6 months and a year or even more. This helps prevent any ‘compassionate’ relationship and also allows ample time for healing. Most girls are vulnerable at this stage and trust me, that fuck boy will come knocking on your door.


Indulge yourself in healthy activities.

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Get yourself busy with things you like to do, like playing basketball, reading, singing and or watching some movies. This helps prevents you from engaging in any social vices directly related to depression.


Lastly, accept that your partner has been part of your life.

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You have to avoid erasing traces of the relationship. For instance, it isn’t necessary to destroy pictures that remind you of your partner or dump all the gifts. Accept that it has already happened and its over.


After all these periods, you must be healed and after some months or a year, you’re ready to move on. Pray to God for a better person and the best out of your next relationship.



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