All You Need To Know About Yvonne Nelson’s Latest Campaign

Hey Kuulpeeps, you know most  of our Ghanaian celebrities don’t really pull a lot of political clout.

But Yvonne Nelson seems to be the odd one out among them.

She fiercely led the “Dumsor” demonstration against the then John Mahama led government, that saw thousands of Ghanaians follow her to hit the streets of Accra.

Currently, Yvonne has her eyes set on another campaign.


Yes, this time, she wants to lead all Ghanaian Filmmakers in a march towards the Flagstaff House.

Lead on girl!!

A petition that is powered by Yvonne’s ‘YN Productions’, and released on social media said “we write this letter with the hope that we as an industry and its followers, with clear understanding and UNITY, will pull our resources and passion together to make the intent of this letter manifest for the good of all of us.”

In setting out the goals for the petition, the letter said “We aim to get audience from the Government and private investors, we aim to present a petition to the President and the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, citing our difficulties facing us in the industry, we want to bring Unity to all industry players, we aim to uplift the Ghana Movie Industry again for the better.”

By so doing, Yvonne Nelson and her team of “United Ghanaian Filmmakers” want the Government to allocate special funds for producers, implement right payment structures for all involved in the industry, ensure that local content is the major viewer’s choice on our networks.”

Also, the petition is calling on government to establish cinema halls in major (5) regions across the country, as a result they argue that “jobs will be created, we will showcase the Country and its rich culture all over the country and to the world and promote tourism the right way to bring investors into our Nation.”

Yvonne really wants everybody to take part in this new endeavor of hers – “Movie lovers, bloggers, civil workers and all who believe that The Ghana Movie Industry can rise up to its expectations and make our fellow country man and woman proud.”

Kuulpeep, if you care about the Ghana Movie Industry so much and you want to help Yvonne out, then you can sign the petition at either ABC Pictures, YNProductions, 7th Art Productions, Legon Campus, or call Naadie (0 26 795 6233) or Belinda (024 551 0044).

Yo, Kuulpeeps, y’all need to help a sister out, yeah…



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