8 Email Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid

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The joy that comes with finishing school lasts not for long. You are pretty much haunted with the thought of what to do with your life now that you are done with school.

It gets pretty much disturbing after you are done with National Service and your company doesn’t maintain you.

The job hunts then begins.

Sending countless of emails seeking employment becomes the order of your day and then the frustration heightens when you do not get feedback.

Have you ever wondered that probably your emails could be the problem?

We decided to put together a few things you should note the next time you want to send an email.

Change Your Email Address

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Obviously if I receive a mail from an address that says [email protected]  I will obviously not take you serious. Will you even take yourself serious???? Keep your email address uncomplicated and professional.


Don’t use slang or casual words

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Bear in mind that you are not sending the email to your Whatsapp group or to your bae, so it is not the place to come and sharpen your short hand skills and be writing OMG, LOL, LMAO, IDK, TTYL.  If you keep typing these things, the only job you will have for the rest of your life is being the administrator of your Whatsapp group.


Always Proof Read for Spelling and  Grammatical Errors

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The fact that you speak impeccable English doesn’t mean you can actually write well. Don’t be ahead of yourself. You haven’t been called for the interview yet, so humble yourself and let someone read through your email to check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors before you send it.


Don’t be too Generic

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Try hard not to copy what you see in other people’s emails. It might not apply to the email that you want to send and so you might end up copying and pasting the wrong mail then ibi like you do yawa.


Go straight to the point

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The email you are sending is not the place to draft your biography. You do all of that in the Cover Letter that you are attaching. Just go straight to the point and state your purpose for sending the mail without sounding too forward.


Indicate the Subject of the Email

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Don’t leave that space empty. It is like an unofficial headline which you must put there. That will give whoever receives the mail a fair idea of what the email is about.


Label All Attached Files Properly

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You see the way you take the time to rename all the folders that contain your movies, music and series. That is the exact same zeal that you must use to label all the files you are going to attach to the email you are going to send.


Always do follow ups

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Now the people you are sending the emails to do not owe you the favour of replying your emails. They can decide not to and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Make it a point to constantly do follow ups especially when you send the email and they tell you “we will get back to you”.

We hope you find this information very useful!


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