Everything You Need To Know About The SpreadTalk Event

Hello Kuulpeeps, have you heard of SpreadTalk???

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So SpreadTalk is an initiative of SpreadAid International, which is a not-for-profit, student dominated organization with a vision of “Putting Back Smiles on Faces” and a mission of “unearthing leaders”.



The SpreadTalk initiative formally known as the “Business and Leadership Seminar” was started by The Business and Leadership (BnL) Workforce, a sub group in SpreadAid International in 2016 with the aim of developing people to acquire an entrepreneurial and global mindset through seminars and conferences and also creating a platform for young successful entrepreneurs to inspire their fellow young people to strive for greater heights, discussing pertinent topics in that regard.


The maiden edition had over 150 participants and over 20 people registering their own companies, because of the impact of the conference on their lives and participants empowered to start doing something for the good of humanity among others.

paying attention?

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Now that you know about SpreadTalk and its impact on young entrepreneurs, it now your turn to also benefit from such a great initiative

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This year’s edition of SpreadTalk will be on 7 October 2017 at the Francis Kofi Drah Conference Room, University of Ghana between the hours of 9am and 1pm.

Now that you know of the date, time and venue, you may be wondering how to get on board. Don’t worry we got you.

Registration is ongoing now and guess what? It is totally free!!!!

All you need to do is to call or WhatsApp 0246763073/0268858213 to register for seat reservation.

or if you’re on your phone with Whatsapp, click here to register.

You can also get more information by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @SpreadAid International.















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