You’ll Surely Miss These Things When You Leave UEW


The Food Joints

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Just like most tertiary institutions, you’ll miss most of the food joints on campus when you leave. You’ll especially miss the various gorb3 joints on campus and also the Simpa abete3.


Dawn Quizzes

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Funny enough this will be one of the things you can never forget. This defines your stay on campus. People actually sleep in the lecture halls so they do not miss their dawn quizzes. These are the times you see the real faces of the girls in your class.


Amu Theatre


I’m not sure if you ever went to watch a live stage play on campus, but if you did, you will miss that hilarious and wonderful time you had almost every weekend in the Amu Theatre.


Sir Charles Beach

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Remember when you took your newly found love to Sir Charles Beach just to show how romantic you are? Yes, that’s how much you will miss the place when you’re away from school.




To me this is the most important thing you will miss when you leave school. You will not like to have your friend staying in a different region or probably out of the country.

And the pressure groups 


You don’t want to agree that you will miss the morale Spartans, Garvians and Trojans. The enthusiasm with which they sing their ‘jama’ is something else.


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