They Started In The DMs Now They Are Here

Kuulpeeps, don’t joke with the DMs! Yes the DMs. Please don’t joke with the DMs!!

If you are always “gnashing”, then please again, don’t joke with the DMs.

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This is evidence that it works magic and it can significantly improve your love life.

This beautiful Nigerian has taken to Twitter to give a testimony of how the DM helped her reach her Prince Charming, now the two are just days away from their fairy tale wedding and living happily ever after.

“I started using twitter way back in 2012, can’t really remember, but I didn’t know how it works and all… so I left lol,” Becca said in a thread on Twitter.

“Fast forward to 2014, I came back here … I just got out of a relationship, so was still very much heartbroken…”

Becca was looking to Twitter to give her closure and distract her from the perilous love life, little did she know that her love life would rather get a major boost on Twitter.

“Basically I came back here, for the laughs and all, till I’m finally over the heartbreak, but I didn’t know God had more plans for me,” she Tweeted.

“I was always coming here more often, it was working and I was already getting over the heartbreak.”

With her heartbreak now behind her, it was time to move onto the next.

“So one day I decided to shoot my shot, I sent a DM to this guy here and he replied… I was like wawu”

“From there we started talking, calls and all … meanwhile we were both in different countries at that time. I was here in Nigeria and he was in the U.K. so it was a long distance thing , lol .. but still we gave it a try.”

This is love brewed from the Twitter DM.

“3 years after, we started from the DM’s and now we (are) about to get married ”

“So twitter is not just for the laughs, Retweets and rants… there are good people here actually…,” Becca said.


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