Ridiculous Myths About Legon That Have No Drop Of Truth

So you gained admission into the University of Ghana and you’re excited because you’ve heard a lot about the school. OR maybe, you didn’t even bother choosing Legon because of some terrible things you heard.

Well, we are here to let you know that not everything you hear is true.

September Rush

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Back in Senior High School, as you prepared to buy forms to apply for University, you probably kept hearing stories about the so called September Rush where Male students look sharp quick quick to grab the level 100 girls even before they settle in. We know the girls are excited about this because it means they get to get ‘ronned’ by more matured (and we use that term very loosely) guys. The First year guys too are frustrated cos they know they’d have to gnash quietly until they get to level 200 so they can “September Rush” for their own the next year.

Well… sorry girls and good news guys!!! This September Rush thing is just a myth. The farthest it’s gone is to be the name of every party that’s going to be organized soon. All you need to do is to look sharp and date any one you like. Love is love. You’d find it. But…if you still manage to gnash all of your level 100 year, lmao!!! Sorry. The problem is you not some smooth talking level 200, 300 or 400 student.

Fa wo to b3gye grades

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You probably hear it all the time that in Legon, it’s hard to do well even if you study hard because it’s always the pretty girls who get the A. Please. This isn’t in the least bit true. Everyone works hard to get what the lecturer thinks they deserve. If anything, you’d be shocked the pretty girls are the ones failing and re-sitting courses. So just study hard for each paper so you can avoid re-sits till you graduate.

Every UG Lady has a Sugar daddy

Ladies! Tell a woman born and bred in the Upper West region or even Nigeria that you are a student in University of Ghana and she’d conclude you have a sugar daddy.

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This is absolutely false. Most of us don’t even have enough sugar to put in our tea and the only daddies we know are the men who contributed to our being born. Nothing else!

Legon Students are “Too known” and bad children

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You guys! we are as down to earth as any other person in any other university. You’d think for the fact that we are in the PREMIER University in Ghana, we would be braggarts but …we are as humble as Valley View University students. About our reputation for being bad girls and boys, that one is so not true!! There are bad girls and boys everywhere but that does not mean we are all bad. In fact, most of us like to go to Sarbah field to pray.


Level 100 is all about Chilling

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Try this and watch your GPA crumble past a Pass. 

Yes you can chill small but learn to balance that with studies too.

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It’s better to do well in your first year so you keep building up as you go instead of flunking all your courses and carrying re-sit baggage with you as you go up.

Legon students have plenty of sex

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Please hold it right there. Not everyone is fornicating okay. There are a lot of virgins on campus.

Not everyone is being an akola boni. Your virginity is safe when you come to school and it’s all up to you to pop that cherry or not.

Sociology students don’t go for lectures

Rumor has it that sociology students can sleep all day, party all night before a paper and still get an A.


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wait what????

They wish!!!

Unless you have a photographic memory and are a genius, there’s no easy course. Trust us.

You still have to study hard for every course you get to do and fight for that C!!!

Legon is just one huge nightclub.

How did this even start?? It’s not party all day and night here at Legon oo. Like we mentioned earlier, we like to go to church and pray.


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All we do is go for lectures, study, stay in our rooms to read and even manage to be scarce during our hall weeks. We are not party animals please!

So you see, Legon students are like any other student in any other school.


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