Problems Freshers Will Face In Ashesi And How To Deal With Them

To the Kuulpeeps out there, I’m sure some of you are wondering how freshers adapt to the cozy bougie life style of Ashesi.  It’s not all that rosy, you know?

As a fresher, there are some new things your mind and body have to adapt to and here are some problems some of you might face when you get here.

  • The Food

Problem: Some international students mostly from the Eastern African countries have a hard time adjusting to the meals in Ghana due to the pepper. People from countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Gambia find it hard to adapt to the peppery meals made by the caterers at Big Ben and Akonor.

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Solution: To resolve this issue, Big Ben and Akonor both have pepper sauce available on the various tables at their canteen. Do feel free to add the desired quantity of pepper you need to your food.


  •  The Workload

Problem: As a fresher, you can definitely not swerve the load of assignments and projects that will come crushing your way. It is okay to cry or get restless when the assignments pile up, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t submit them, although 10% will be taken out per day if the assignment is late.

Solution: Get a study group. Your study group might not have the same people throughout your four years. They are subject to change. Choose them wisely. Connect with your peers who understand the course better. Make them explain some concept you didn’t get in class so you can work faster. The assignments will definitely pile up, quizzes will be haunting you every now and then, so do well to manage your time wisely.


  • Going for office hours

Problem: Most freshers find it hard to go to their lecturers and Faculty-interns (FIs) for help because they have this mentality from senior high school that university lecturers are strict and evil.

Solution: Trust me. That’s not the case in Ashesi. The lecturers here are the coolest ones you could ever meet. Throw away the myths you’ve heard about Legon or KNUST lecturers, our lectures are cooler than theirs. Do make it a habit to go for office hours. Worry your FIs. Some of them will be available even after their working hours. Make them your best friends. You might never know.


  • How to use invence

Problem: Printing in Ashesi can be hectic, especially if you want to print in colour. There is only one colour printer for student use. Also, there are several ways to print an assignment without having to use the release station (just in case its faulty).

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Solution: Make it a habit to finish your assignments on time, so you can print early. Print your work on time so that just in case the wifi decides not to work, or the printers decide to jam, when the assignment is due, you are safe.

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  • Team Work (FDE)

Problem: Most freshers enjoy working in a team but as the semester goes on it turns into the battle for the iron throne. For example, for a course like Foundation of Design and Entrepreneurship (FDE), freshers will have to work in teams for the rest of the semester. Some team members can be difficult to talk to

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Solution: A piece of advice is, you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of any of your team mates. Let me tell you why. Because your grades depends on it.


  • Walking down the hill late at night or at dawn

Problem: You will definitely come across snakes, scorpions, and lots of lizards, but you should not be afraid because the Lord is with you.

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Solution: Always walk in groups. Never be a lone ranger. In odd situations whereby you have to walk alone, walk with a flashlight, if the lights are out or if the streetlights close to the bottom of the hill are not functioning. The security men at 3rd Eye are also friendly and willing to help. Approach and tell them to accompany you to your hostel. They will do that with gladness.


  • There is no free time

Problem: Most freshers think that, “THERE IS NO FREE TIME IN ASHESI”. There is always work to do. Most of them complain that the only time you might find yourself watching a movie or series, is when you’re taking some few minutes break of studies, or group meetings, or projects, or extra-curricular activities.

Solution: It’s true to some extent. You can always make time for your movies, series, and for that boo of yours. Get a planner. Plan the activities you have to take in the day, and you’re good to go.


Hope These Tips Helped.

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