Why A Sweater And A Duvet Are A Must-Have?

Shout out to all the new freshmen who will be trooping through the gates very soon. And a very special one to all those (like me)  who don’t have a special someone to keep them warm at night (wink wink). This one is for you lol.

Cheryl Blossom Wink GIF by Madelaine Petsch - Find & Share on GIPHY

Ashesi is known for its cold weather especially in the month of September. And so a sweater and a duvet are must-haves! Of course you can also decide to find boo to keep you nice and cozy (or to steal their hoodie LOL)

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If that’s not the plan though,  then consider yourself fully warned. Be prepared to have to wrap up during the day and at night.

Lots of love,





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