UEW Is About To Get Steezed Up!..Again!

Image result for black guy SURPRISED GIF

Just as we are recovering from  last year’s steeze up, KBAJ decides to take it 2.0

On the 22nd of September, drop whatever you’re doing and meet us at the SAT-C Nightclub and get your steeze on at this year’s Steeze Party.

Come let’s party like nobody’s business to mixes from DJ Ajingo, DJ Obama, DJ Yaayo and DJ Brian emceed by the silky smooth voice of Cobby Mike.

Step into the SAT-C Nightclub feeling like a total celeb after the KBAJ/Kuulpeeps Red Carpet interview and treatment.

With Carnival Strawberry Liqueur as its headline sponsor, there sure are going to be free drinks and tequila shots-only for the first 30 guests though…y’all better rep early.

Shhh! Don’t get too drunk or you might miss the surprise guest artiste who would pass through to jam the place up.

Let’s get ready to groove hard with KBAJ’s Steeze Party 2 this September at the SAT-C Nightclub.

This semester, THE PARTY WON’T STOP!



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