The Meme Story: When You Finally Get Laid By Your Crush

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Oo yes!!  You finally have the whole room to yourself at last.

So you start calling your guys to tell them you about to hit it

You finally hit it but it wasn’t all that so u hit her with the “thumbs up”

you are telling your guy the whole story but your crush is walking up and he is trying to warn you

but it is too late she may have heard what you said.. and you know you are trying to hit it again..

So she walks up and you hit her with the “hey big head” and a smile

she hits you with the “hey little dick” and walks off

so you tell your friend she is just mad 

because you f****d her in two hours when you met her

But you know the damage is done your friends don’t believe you because she is not the only one that has called you “lil dick”


now you are thinking you shouldn’t have f****d her and you should have just kept it as a crush 




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