How To Get Through Uni With These Five Simple Principles

“Time With The Captains” is a business mentorship programme held once a month for university students to give them the opportunity to interact with captains of industries and entrepreneurs. The programme is hosted by the classy man, Paa Kwasi Asare. The event was held in the executive room of the TV3 premises

The guest for this month’s event was Abiola Bawuah, the second female guest on the live show.  Mrs. Bawuah is the first female CEO of the United Bank of Africa. She advised the Universities present, Ashesi Univeristy College, University of Professional Studies, and Zenith University College, on banking, leadership and entrepreneurship.

During the course of the interactive session, she shared five principles which have been guiding her since college. These are:

  • Emotional Intelligence

She said that things wouldn’t always go your way, and not everything will go smoothly. According to her she offered Actuarial Science in college, but she really wanted to offer Accounting. She further advised that the course you offer in college has nothing to do with what you will be in future.

  • Physical Abilities

In order to achieve your dreams and aspirations, you have to stay healthy. She advised the college students present to do their possible best to abstain from peer pressure, since this could derail them from achieving their goals.

  • Finances

As a student she advised that we live within the room. The room was a metaphor for finances. If we can afford something it is fine, if not we should forget about it.

  • Relationship

She advised college students to have solid relationships with their parents, siblings, roommates, and everyone around them. She hilariously said, “You can’t be a lone ranger.”

  • Time Management

Time is money and as such it is an investment. She advised students to use their time wisely and to always look out for opportunities. “I love to plan”, she said.

Picture of Ashesi students who made it to the programme.


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