Here Is All You Need To Know About Why Joel Osteen Is Trending On Social Media

We’re sure you don’t know Joel Osteen because he doesn’t have a ‘lil’ in his name or hasn’t gone platinum with an album.

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We guess you also don’t know him because he doesn’t do this on social media…

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… or perhaps, because he doesn’t have a release clause in his contract with God.

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Even though he doesn’t have a release clause, he’s in the news because the keys to his church weren’t released.

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By the way, this is Joel Osteen and he’s a man of God.

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It all started when this hurricane called ‘Harvey’ started evacuating people in Houston from their homes.

People who weren’t affected by the hurricane opened their doors to others who were affected.

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Even shops and hotels did accommodate victims.

One place that wasn’t affected by the hurricane was Lakewood Church.

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Lakewood Church is the church of our very own Joel Osteen and it accommodates about 16,000 people.

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Since a church is known for welcoming people, the gates of Lakewood Church were expected to be opened to all who needed shelter, but this wasn’t the case.

The doors of the church were closed, preventing anyone from coming inside.

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Concerns were raised that the church was closed because it was also flooded, but this video says otherwise.


This got people on social media agitated and people had some views to share.

The Lakewood Church finally posted a series of tweets showing that they are receiving victims now.

Joel Osteen finally posted a tweet too…

So while you’re trying to say anything about Joel Osteen, remember if Mike Ross had given ‘Harvey’ any advise, he won’t be here sacking people from their homes!


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