Freshers! This Is What To Do After Moving In On Campus

Welcome Freshers to what’s probably going to be the best four years in your life!!! You’re settled and all but the question is,

After moving in, what’s next??

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Well, for one thing, don’t stay in your rooms.

Yes it’s tempting but don’t.

You need to go to your departments to register manually and also to get your timetable for the semester.

You will meet your department executives and get to ask them all the questions you have about the course and oh take a pen and paper along to jot down your timetable.

Know what else will be a good idea??


Venues for your lectures will be available on the timetable. Just make it a point to find those places so that you won’t be lost once lectures officially start.

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Any help you need in finding the place, just holla at any of these Kuulpeeps for help concerning directions and what to do next;

Pilot (0203173587)

Meg (0500004623)

After that, what’s next?

Explore campus.

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This is the week to get lost and find your way again.

And don’t forget, orientation starts Wednesday, at the Great Hall.

Here’s the full programme schedule;

Dear Legon Freshman, This is your Schedule For Orientation

You’re Welcome.



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