What We Missed About UEW This Vacation..Or Didn’t

1 city, 3 campuses, 1 University. A second home to some, and we agree. Lol who are we kidding? It is a freaking prison but don’t mind us, we are just ‘kubolors’.

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It was supposed to be a long vacation but now the only thing long about it is the…. Actually nothing. School has reopened *cringe* (didn’t think we would be saying that anytime soon) and so we must go. For those of you who plan on reporting back today, we are sorry to tell you- it doesn’t mean jack and you still might trail a course this semester lol.

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To those ‘illegal’ ones who add extensions to the date, you guys are the real MVPs. Clap for yourselves; your parents must be proud.

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Now, whether you are going back today, this week, or like us, a month from now, we are pretty sure that we are all basically just thinking about the same things. What did we miss about school? What did we not miss about school? What can we expect this semester?

We got it right, didn’t we? Yhup! We are geniuses like that lol. And that is why we are going to help you answer these question in this write-up. Read on, Read on.




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Way back in first year, there was a popular sentence on campus that stuck with us. “Those who party the most on campus are the ones that aren’t allowed to go anywhere at home”. And it is true. So if you happen to fall within this category, then that’s another thing we are sure you miss about school. Even if you are a party freak at home too, we all know how wild campus events can get. And this will be plenty to look forward to thanks to the many event houses on campus.



Campus love affairs are no new thing. It’s actually very common. So, for those of us who have our soulmates waiting for us back on campus, this reopening couldn’t have come any sooner. Sorry if you disagree but the faithful ones will know that we can’t gnash any longer. We lie?


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Wait! People actually miss those things?Oh yeah! yeah! This one is for all y’all bookworms out there. We know you just cant wait to go back to your 4.0 GPA’s and your straight A’s. So we decided to put this in here for y’all. We the C+ D+ students will just look the other way.


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 In as much as the things we miss about school are all cute and make us nostalgic, they are nothing compared to what we hate about reporting back to school. And we are sorry that we have to remind you but that is the very sad reality.



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We don’t know about you but for us, sleeping whenever you want and waking up whenever has been a blessing. And we are sure it has been the sae for. So you can imagine how annoying it must be to suddenly wake up for lectures and quizzes and to study and to do assignments and……can it be vacation already?


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Imagine you are at a lecture that is slower than a tortoise’s catwalk, without your phone. Even though you can leave unnoticed, you don’t want to run the risk of the lecturer checking the attendance impromptu. Sounds like a scene out of some horror movie huh?

We are actually dreading these moments ourselves. Because life in the University is not easy for seasoned nocturnal peeps like us. If you are like this, we suggest you arm yourselves with some coffee. We cannot have you dozing off at lectures…forget about the lecturer calling you out, what if your crush sees you asleep. Yikes! Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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 Roommates are probably your closest friends on campus. They help you in more ways than one. But what if your roommate is a pain in the behind? Well, we recommend you read our article on how to relate with your roommate.

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But we are not talking about that today are we? A nuisance of a roommate can even make you dread coming to school at all. We can’t say I know how you feel though, my roommate is awesome.


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This is probably something you totally forgot about but in between printing course materials and photocopying course outlines, you probably spend much more time at the paper labs than you do at lecture halls lol. With the way the current economy is set, nobody is happy about spending such a percentage of their finances. If only everything could be done electronically and sent to our mails. Oh wait! It can be. But this is Africa, so we can’t say that we are surprised.


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When you report to school, with your foodstuff and your money stashed into your bank accounts, you start feeling like you are on top of the world and that nothing can hurt you. As the semester drags on, in between printing and photocopying and partying and transportation, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that over here, money is a fleeting commodity and that you are poorer than a church mouse.


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Since you have no choice but to be here, let us brighten your mood up a bit by reminding you of the things to look forward to this semester. Because whether you like it or not, unless you quit, you are stuck here till vacation.


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Beginning of a first semester, so we all know what that means. Freshers arrival. And that in turn means two things. 1. You have moved up a level in your pursuit of a degree. (Yes! Even if you trail a course). CONGRATULATIONS!  2. New Girls, New Boys Charley. Let me say no more.



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With events like Freshers Akwaaba, parties and the like on the books, we at least get to take some time off our busy schedules and party a bit. And from what we are hearing, this semester is going to be wild. Trust us to be there to cover it all.

Our advice, work hard, play hard. Study like your future depends on it because it actually does and have fun like nobody’s business. Kuulpeeps Out!

Written By Benjamin ‘Jilo’ Nketiah


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