Do You Want To Volunteer For #SMWiAccra? This Is What You Must Do

Social Media Week Accra is getting our capital city connected to the world for us to unravel the full potential of social media and how to use it to achieve financial and social gains.

This is the first time it is coming to Ghana and as always, there is a lot of experience to be gained whenever one is doing something for the first time.

The organisers are already having a lot of fun putting this whole thing together and they want you to partake in that fun too.

That is why they have put out a call for volunteers.

#SMWiAccra is an international conference that will have international guests who work in various fields attending. If you get this gig, you get to work with a very innovative team, meet and interact with world leaders in their respective fields.

Basically, it doesn’t matter the course you read, you don’t have to be a computer science expert to volunteer for #SMWiAccra.

Just give them a call, it’s an opportunity.


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