This Is The Truth About How Afua Rida Is Becoming The Go-To Style Icon

Since we last wrote about Afua Rida, she has gone on to make great strides in the fashion industry in Ghana and now gradually make an entry into Africa.

The stylist, fashion blogger and runaway show producer, Afua Rida, is one of the few young Ghanaian women who have achieved remarkable success in the fashion industry.

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After winning the Glitz award, Afua is now being featured on international broadcasters such as CNN.

She recently made an appearance on CNN’s African Voices, a show that shows Africa’s hidden gems to the world.

“Africa influences the world in a lot of ways.  we do this through our arts, food and many others,” she told CNN.

With her passion to showing a beautiful Africa, Afua wants “people to have a good sense of what is happening in Africa and Ghana when they see my brand”.

“African fashion has influenced Europe in so many ways, how we braid our hair is making entry into Europe and now a lot of designers are incorporating our prints into their designs.”

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As a child Afua was drawn into fashion when she started watching fashion shows. “I watched fashion shows on television and I was intrigued by it and how the people behind made it all come together.”

That spurred her interest in fashion and now she gets “to work with everyone in the fashion industry from designers, to magazine, to models and celebrities.”

Afua’s success is another social media success story. Using Instagram and other social media platforms, she has been able to introduce herself to people beyond her circle.

“Social media is so important because you reach more than Ghana or Africa. You reach the whole world,” she said.

“I loved to be iconic in fashion in Ghana and all over the continent. Fashion is culture and culture is life,” Afua said.

All the best Kuulpeep!

(Pictures: Afua Rida/Instagram)


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