#Stingy_Men_Awareness: She Broke Up With Him Because Of Jollof

This week we have been bringing you stories of women leaving their stingy a** boyfriends or even husbands.

These stories are being shared on Facebook by Francis Kennedy Ocloo with the hash tag #Stingy_Men_Awareness.

So far, you have read about how a woman walked out of her 5 months old marriage despite dating her husband for five whole years.

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Today, an unfortunate Jollof incident sent another packing.

Read her story:

“We started dating years ago when I was having my service outside Accra. He was a young politician campaigning vigorously for the incumbent government now.

I knew it wasn’t easy for him especially after they lost the 2012 elections. He breathes politics and wasn’t prepared to work outside of politics.

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I supported him a few times with my allowance and got him stuff to furnish a house he was putting up whenever I came home for vacation.

One day, he sent me to his mum’s shop to pick up a few items plus some jollof she had prepared. I carried the things all alone without any help from him when I got to his junction.

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I was hungry and tired so I knew we’ll both eat together and rest.

Can you believe he made me heat the jollof, serve him and asked me to prepare tea to drink?

I insisted I’d eat some of the food but he refused. Eventually, he allowed me to taste one spoon. It was delicious and when I asked for more, he told me to go home and eat my mum’s food since I live with my parents and he lives alone. Ah!

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I wasn’t bothered that he had never given me a fare back home but this jollof incident got me thinking.

A few things plus this stingy attitude made me lose interest and I left without any warning sign. He was surprised I could just leave.

For five years, he’s been chasing, telling me the ladies he’s gone out with are too demanding.

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Now his party is in power and he’s asking for a comeback.

Men are their own enemies.”



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