7 Hilarious Excuses People Have For Not Making It Into Uni

We all have that one friend from high school who never made it to Uni the same year his mates did or at all. While we know that a lot of these friends don’t make it to Uni because of their grades, no one has ever heard them actually admit to this. So today let’s look at 7 of the most hilarious reasons people have for not making it to Uni.


I Didn’t Get The Course I Wanted

Of course you didn’t get the course you wanted? You know why? Because Legon is not going to offer you Law when you qualified with dance results, KNUST won’t give you medicine either when you qualified with rattan and bamboo results. Take the course wor hor. Those of us who took the Philosophy and classics turned out okay (well, not exactly) but you get the point.


I’m Going Abroad

Boss, we both know damn well you are not going anywhere, as funny as this may sound, this has been one of the most effective excuses yet, because they eventually blame it on not getting Visas to the US. Who are we to doubt? When getting a visa to America has become as hard as getting a light skinned girl to reply your texts? (P.S: It’s always America)


I Took A gap year


This particular excuse ALWAYS comes from the deebees. What is a gap year to a Ghanaian youth? What do you have to do at home for a whole year? No, don’t answer because you’re going to lie anyway.


I No Buy Forms

This is one of the most annoying, yet funny ones. How are you expecting to get into the university without buying any forms? Or you were expecting the Universities to call you and offer you admission? Osheyyyy VIP


Even Bill Gates Didn’t Finish University


(Yes, people actually say this): You will be surprised to know how many people actually get away with this because it’s always aimed at provoking humorous reactions, it almost always does too (even though it’s always short lived and the question gets revisited again, in which case they have to get another excuse). Also, Bill Gates dropped out of HARVARD, which means he actually got in, so wyd bro?


I’m Working On My Album

Yet, one of the ones the most absurd ones yet, students who made “music” in high school always say they are taking time off to concentrate on music when they don’t get into uni , some go as far as saying they are working on their albums, albums which always end up coming out on the same day as Dr Dre’s Detox and Frank Ocean’s album.


Life Is Not A Race

Don’t be silly. Go learn a vocation and stop spewing nonsense.


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