Shuttle Fare Has Been Reduced, You Need To Up Your Boarding Skills

This SRC under the leadership of Daniel Otting Awuah is really doing their best to make the lives of the students as comfortable as they promised.

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Through negotiations, the SRC managed to reach a compromise with the RSTC shuttle service and now the GH 1 fares have now been decreased to 80 pesewas.

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cool right? but there’s a glitch!

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The only way to pay for the 80pesewas is to have an E-Zwich card. Students without the card will have to pay the  GHS 1 we have become used to.

If you are worried about how to avoid all of this card stress, relax. The SRC has ensured that E-Zwich card issue points are available in halls of residence in the Diapora and a centre on the main campus to help you register easily and put any amount you want on the card.

So students, it’s your choice; take the 1cedi or pay the 80 pesewas with an e-zwich card.

However, you should note that the service will be withdrawn if students do not patronize it. If the number of students who register for the e-zwich payment is considered unimpressive, the existing Gh 1 will be maintained.


source: UG SRC


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