The Fresher’s Hustle In Getting A Room On Campus

A student in class.

Getting a room in the University of Ghana after gaining admission is war charle!!

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Each year, lots of freshers are drowned in disappointments because they either did not get the hall of their choice or didn’t get a hall at all and this year was not any different.

The UG website was  heated up the minute the link for the residential allocation system was opened at 10 A.M sharp and most areas on campus with WiFi connections especially the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS) were filled up to capacity by students who were either registering for their siblings, friends or for clients for money.

Now here’s the real battle.

Once the link is opened, everyone fights to get in.

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It’s a jungle people!! Only the people with strong internet connection will survive.

The link is always jammed due to the number of people who have logged in to get the halls and rooms of their choice and you can be stuck in there, loading the halls to pick, only to discover that there are no more rooms available.

Getting the hall of your choice as early as possible is entirely dependent on your internet connection. It needs to be faster than Flash charley!! It is only the fastest who survive and get a room whiles those with poor internet connection either don’t get the halls they wanted or didn’t get any at all.

So which of them are you?

Did you get the hall of your choice?


You didn’t get the hall of your choice and had to compromise


You didn’t get a hall at all.



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