Why The Night Is Always Young On The Hill

“Here we are. We are a culmination of toils, tears, and the triumph of toughness”, Aba Wilmot, valedictorian at the commencement day of the class of 2017.

Kuulpeeps I know you have heard myths about Ashesi students being dedicated to their books, trying to get that 3.85 GPA, and not being the party caliber of people. Well… that is true to a certain degree. Let’s say 450.

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It is not that Ashesi students don’t like to party. We love to. The issue is…

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There is always academic work to do and other extracurricular activities to undertake. We don’t always spend 24 hours trying to up the GPA, we also think of how to improve the life of the ordinary Ghanaian, starting with the Berekuso Township.

There are moments when Ashesi students get overwhelmed with work to the extent that we forget to say “Good morning, or Good afternoon, or Good evening”, or even to ask “How are you doing?”

The usual greetings are

“Has your code compiled?”

“Have your balance sheets compiled?”

“When will OLI be over?”

The reason why the night is always young at Ashesi, is because when you have uncompleted assignments or assignments you haven’t started with, which are due before 5pm the following day, the usual response from your other Ashesi colleagues is always, “The Night Is Still Young.”

The night is always young to complete any unfinished task. So get to work.



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