Our Foolproof Hack On Getting Along With Your Roommate

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Roommates can be everything- annoying, rude, dirty,anti-social and more.

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Aside you’re A’s and B’s, developing a good relationship with your roommates is a great step towards a successful year in the university. Just the thought of sharing a room with a total stranger for a whole year is headache for almost all university students but trust our guidelines to help you to get along with your roomies easily with only a disagreement or two.

Respect each other.


First and foremost, the best way to create that tensionless atmosphere is to have respect for each other. Respect is key because if you don’t respect others, there’s no way he/she will return that favor. Respect is reciprocal don’t ever forget that! Greeting is the beginning of creating that lovely atmosphere, learn also to respect others privacy, don’t be curious. When your roommates are sleeping learn to reduce your noise. Don’t touch their stuff unless you’re told to…. remember boundaries and personal space.  Also try as much to keep the room clean.

Set some ground rules

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Another way to eliminate any bad blood is setting the basic rules which everyone has to follow. No, we aren’t telling you to be a weirdo and propose a roommate contract…just basic common sense rules.

Though there wouldn’t be strict compliance, these rules and guidelines will help keep uncouth behaviors in check. Setting rules on visitors especially opposite sex of intimate kind is really important!

Learn to compromise

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Compromising is a way get along with your roommates all year long. A steady give and take between your roommate and you will ease the tensions that comes with shared rooms. If your roommate is sleeping or attempting to sleep, keep the noise and light levels down.

If your roommate is studying, don’t have loud conversations in the same room. It really should be common sense, but it is truly amazing how people don’t understand what it means to be considerate. When in doubt, ask yourself if you would be annoyed if your roommate did whatever it is you would like to do to you. If the answer is yes, take it elsewhere.

Don’t let issues pile up/ deal with it.

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He keeps skipping his day to clean?? She frequently spits around?? He just won’t stop playing that song loudly or she wears your stuff without washing them?? No matter who and how good you’ve tagged along well with your roommates, there are cases where you just can’t keep it in anymore but rather lay it all out because the more you hold on to issues the more hatred you develop for him/her which not healthy.

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Talking to your roommate is a way of dealing with reoccurring behaviors that annoys you. An honest conversation to calmly explain stuff and situations to your roomie is a positive way to deal with nuisances instead of being rude and mean towards him/her as they only worsen the another way to deal with irritating behavior.

Make your roommate your best friend.

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This hack is another necessary to get along well. Making your roommate a friend will help ease unnecessary tensions because as a friend, you will tell him/her things you hate and love. This will prevent them from doing these same things that will mar their relationship with you…No! Don’t be too “self arrangement” but then, work it out strategically minding boundaries.

Don’t gossip about your roommates

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No matter how annoying your roommate might be, never talk about them to anyone. Keeping your mouth shut and learning to mind one’s own business is a way to foster a good relationship between your roommates all year long because nobody wants to live with “GBC” in the same room. It doesn’t make them feel comfortable since they fear anything they do or say will be heard outside. Note that since you are sharing a room, you will hear some of their deepest secrets either intentionally or unintentionally…learn to keep them as you’d keep yours.

There you have it! Thank us later!

Written By: Felix ‘Elikem’ Wetsi








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