How To Never Get Caught for Plagiarism

Last academic year, the Ashesi Judicial Council (AJC) sat on a number of cases related to plagiarism. It is a new semester and that is history now. Plagiarism this semester should be a thing of the past.

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The following are some advice on how not to exceed the 20% threshold.

  • Before submitting your work, either through Turnitin or Courseware, do pass it through some of the free online plagiarism checkers. Some of these are; Copyscape, Copyright spot, Doc Cop, Reprints, and plagiarism detect.
  • If you are not sure about your citations and references, research or contact the tutors at the Writing Center (they are been paid to make sure you make that A in your writing assignments).
  • Please do same for group works, since you will individually be held accountable when any plagiarism issues arise, whether you did that portion of the assignment or not.

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NB: Take note. If you already have an informal resolution, be reminded that the slightest academic or social misconduct will send you to the AJC.

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