Girls Think The Type Of Condom You Use Say A Lot About You-Read How!

It is said that the clothes we wear represents who are and speaks volumes about us, same way the Condoms (CD for short) we love to wear during the “little fun” times speaks a lot about our personality.

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You think am lying? Just relax if you have a popcorn, grasp it and sip on a chilled Coke or sobolo as we go through this journey of discovery together.
The silky, gently packed Kiss condom that comes in 3set tells a lot about us the users. Oh – yeah a kiss condom user is smooth and gentle…after all, all you have to do is to kiss her..gently and passionately!

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Champion condom

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The oldie champion – woy3 macho condom also has it say. It shows the conservative nature of the user. You’re cool, calm and always want things to remain same.Champion users are cheap. You loath change, no wonder you’re still using champion!!

Fiesta Condoms

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Fiesta with the popular tagline “she wants more” expresses the greedy nature of the users. Fiesta users are true friends because anytime,any day you need them, they’re there to help and rescue you out.
Rough Rider

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These people are the most impatient people on planet earth. They want everything the hard way. They have strong will to go through everyone…literally…like bangdadadang. They won’t fail/ disappoint you when they promise you. They’re the safest people you can be around.

Magnum condom

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Magnum users are rich and classic in their choices. They’re picky as well. They drive in fancy cars and most at times do their ‘distin’ in the car. They spend money a lot and grab any opportunity to show off.
Protector Condoms

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Almighty protector condom can’t be left outta the discovery. Protector users are self centered. They only care about their safety. Safety is their diadem. They’re caring as friends though and won’t pass up a chance to stick up for loved ones.
Rockstone Condom

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This people don’t love to mingle with others because they think they’re special…but they actually aren’t. They only go to fancy places. They provide great company when you hang out with them.

Durex Condoms

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Ha! The fairest of them all! Durex users are special and they know it! They know the good stuff and they go for it. For them, if you have to live life, why not live it the best and classy way. Everything gotta be perfect for them.

We didn’t say, the girls are saying!


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