Do You Want To Bond With Your Roommate On Campus? Here Is How

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You’re back on campus or you’re a freshman and you find yourself sharing the same room with a total stranger.

You’ll be staying with this person for more than 3 months, so whatever the case, you guys must bond in order to live harmoniously.

Here are some of the things you can do to get the bromance or the bffs going with your roommate.

Talk to each other frequently


Get to know each other very well. Make sure you make the convo natural, you can talk about where you guys come from, your educational background and other things. This knowing me, knowing you process will eventually help you guys bond very well.

Stalk each other on social media 

You can go online and search for old pictures of your roommates on Facebook, Twitter or  Instagram and tease them with it. It is called intuitive stalking, if you need help with that, PM us on social media, we have a resident stalker.

Your roommate might also return the favor and this will you help you guys get along well.

Cook together

You guys can cook together occasionally. Its always a nice thing to go out to the market with your roomie and get some foodstuff and eventually cook together. Obviously, you will not get the chance to cook everyday but even when you are going to buy food you could go and buy it together.

Share some stuff


You wouldn’t like the idea of sharing some of  your stuff with someone but to bond with your roommate easily, you can try and share things such as rice cooker, tooth paste, fridge.


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